We are no longer offering boosts with the release of patch 6.0. See you at the end of the next tier!

We have cleared Siege of Orgrimmar for quite a while now. We’d like to offer others the opportunity to experience this as well. Offspring is an guild that has been on top of progress for years, we come from Trollbane, Outland and now Silvermoon.

Therefor we will offer you a nice and considerably fast clear without too many hickups.

Our prices are among the lowest on the server. You won’t get them this cheap anywhere else! The prices are as followed:

Siege of Orgrimmar:

– Full Clear (14/14 Heroic) + loot* + Kor’kron Juggernaut from Garrosh: 400k gold.
– Garrosh Heroic + Kor’kron Juggernaut + loot from Garrosh* = 300k gold.

If your interested or want to hear more you can contact Kizura (Battle.tag Kizura#2715).

* Warforged items are not included, unless no raider needs it. Every item that drops for your mainspec is yours. Please specify what spec you want to gain items for. If  an item drops for your offspec and no raider needs it, you can of course have it!