NOTE: Make sure read the instructions carefully before you apply


Current Recruitment Status:

WoWProgress recruitment page

Even if your class is not listed in the above link, we are always on the lookout for exceptional players; if you think that you can compete with our current roster, then you should apply!

So, you want to join Offspring? 
In order to apply, you first need to register on our forum, then either create a thread in the application forum, or fill in our application form. This is required so you can reply to the messages on the forum.

This forum is completely private, meaning no one will see your application. Once you’ve submitted your application, we will review it and get back to you when we’d like to offer you a trial. Due to the high amount of applications we get weekly we will not respond to the applicants we will not offer a trial. We will reach you either ingame or by email. Please do add your Battletag to the application.

If you decide to not use the application form, please use the following template as your application. A screenshot of your UI is a requirement.

Application template

Only well written applications will be taken seriously. One word answers, poor English and so on will not impress us.

Also make sure your application contains a link to your armory profile, and make sure you have the correct gear-set equipped. Applications without profiles will probably be disregarded.

Our recruitment process

  • Phase 1: You’re an applicant (1 week)
  • You have sent your application, all Offspring members can read it and pass judgement on you. If you are successful, we will contact you either in-game on via email, within 7 days. (We will only contact those who are successful in their application)
  • Phase 2: You’re a trial (2 – 4 weeks)
  • You have been invited into the guild as a trial. You attend raids and may obtain loot. You show that you play a lot and that you’re knowledgeable about the game and your class. You’re on time for raids and show good character. A trial period can last anywhere between 2 weeks and several months.
  • Phase 3: You become member (or not)
  • After approximately 2 weeks (case dependent) the officer team will discuss your performance, attendance and trial all together. If we decide to grant you membership, you will be promoted to either raider, if we decide otherwise, your trial can be extended or in worst case you will be removed from the guild.
  • Note 1: Being accepted as trial is in no way a guarantee for membership. We’ve kicked initiates before and we’ll do it again, so don’t be surprised if you didn’t make it.
  • Note 2: Unfortunately we don’t have time to reply to every application, so if you haven’t received an in-game tell or mail within a week you can consider your application rejected.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact one of our Officers in-game should you have any questions about the recruitment procedure.